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jebediah Music Stuff: Revue etc. 1995-'98
A hundred-odd articles and international interviews for The Australian, The West Australian and others, including: Ash | The Stems | Herbie Hancock | Alice Cooper | AC/DC | Dead Can Dance | Elastica | Lush | Beasts of Bourbon | Jebediah | Humbug | Air Ensemble | Team Jedi | Wormfarm | Swervedriver | Dick Dale | Mr Bungle | Fugazi | Superchunk | Squadcar 9x | Spank | Freud's Pillow | Sugarchild | Marilyn Manson | Bluetile Lounge | Cinema Prague | Money Mark | Babes in Toyland | Magic Dirt | Polvo | 808 State and a lot more.
broadcast   mix Broadcast 1996-'98 and 2004
A collection of streaming music interviews from the days at RTR 92.1FM radio in Perth from 1996-'98 and FBI 94.5FM radio in Sydney in 2004. Includes interviews with: Weezer | Butch Vig from Garbage | Butthole Surfers | The Posies | Shonen Knife | Primus | Lush | Swervedriver | The Eels | Morphine | Carla Werner and more.
pics Pics
[full index] B-Boy braves the new world in 2010, Parker in 2011. Check their adventures. It's time to seal the deal in 2008 with Mrs Sue. Seems there was only one person dodging the hitchin' post in 2005. Then there was 'baby year' in 2004 with everyone breeding. 2003 begins with bangs and whimpers, the latter usually the next day. A rogues gallery of 2002 moments from scenes in Taiwan and Hong Kong. 2001 features ordinary and outstanding moments in Hong Kong, Australia, China and the US.
video Video
Includes: flicks of friends popping through my hometowns of the time. Lots of lunches and dinners and handicam waving. Tiger Leaping Gorge in the mountains around Lijiang, Yunnan province, China. Your faithful videographer sings The Sound of Music in bad Chinese, accompanied by goats. Also, adventures in Taiwan, indie clubbing in Tokyo, night crawling in Hong Kong and more.
clients MahoneyConnors and Associates
Select projects and clients. This is a thingy that I use to find stuff when doing a project. Think of it as my desk drawer. With a lock.